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1OAK was founded in 2009 by a team of former investment bankers and hedge fund managers. 1OAK currently manages three systematic funds for Institutional and High Net worth Investors. Our focus is on liquidity, transparency and safety. We ensure this via maintaining all our funds on daily liquid managed accounts with international investment banks.


Our Products

1. Single Manager Funds

We currently manage 3 funds on the Deutsche Bank Select Managed Account Platform:

Product Summary

The 1 OAK ACORN Strategy is a systematic, market-neutral commodity strategy unique in the commodity investment sector. ACORN employs trading strategies that exploit mismatches in inter- and intra-commodity relationships that persistently arise and may be profited from in a systematic manner. ACORN is a blend of multiple persistent and uncorrelated alpha. Risk and positions are continuously monitored in real-time, in particular to target zero beta and to target specified medium-term volatilities (currently set at 6-8%).



The 1OAK LAB (Liquid Alternative Beta) Strategy aims to replicate the returns of HFRX's Global hedge fund index in a systematic manner whilst targeting correlation of greater than 80%. Liquid risk factors are identified, analysed and combined so that an optimised portfolio is created which closely mirrors the returns of the whole hedge fund industry (alternative beta). Unlike the HFRX Index, the 1OAK LAB Strategy also targets a volatility range of 6% - 8% which during historical simulations has resulted in higher returns during periods of hedge fund underperformance.

We use a proprietary combination of replication methodology, regression analysis and noise filtering to enhance replication sustainability while employing sophisticated execution techniques to minimise slippage. We believe we compare extremely favourably with other benchmark providers in the market. 1OAK LAB allows investors to access hedge fund industry absolute returns in an efficient way removing the manager selection problem and single manager idiosyncratic risk.



1OAK GI MACRO Strategy is cross-asset and multi-sector. It trades across various time frames ranging from intra-day to several weeks. Strategies employed include momentum, carry, sentiment, curve trades, pattern recognition, reversion, demand and supply and volatility arbitrage. GI MACRO differs from typical CTA funds in this approach and will add alpha when added to a blend of them. The 1OAK GI MACRO portfolio construction team builds and combines models using scientific analysis and sound economic reasoning and thus derive alpha from a great number of uncorrelated sources. This gives GI MACRO a more robust and diverse source of returns and a low correlation to the general CTA sector.

Since inception in February 2012, the strategy blend has outperformed the general CTA sector whilst showing very low correlation. The strategy blend originally had a target volatility of 6% - 8% but as confidence in the mix has grown, GI MACRO now targets 8% - 10% volatility.

2. Multi-Manager Products

We provide multi-manager products based on our quantitative expertise combined with our in-depth knowledge of other managers. In addition, we have the ability to work with Investment Banks to create bespoke investments, both in terms of payoff and legal structure.


Client Enquiries

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